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40 Years of Research on Building Long-Term Wealth through SMB Acquisitions

Submit your registration now to unlock the most cutting edge training on how to find, negotiate, finance, close, grow and exit a life-transforming business.  

This step-by-step system to buying a business with little capital or management experience includes:
  • A Detailed 12-Step Deal Process – Structured to help you identify and close deals without the hassles
  • An Actionable Financials Guide – Designed to show you the best way to structure your attorney and accounting fees 
  • Video guides that teach you how to recognize high-risk deals that will cost you massive amount of money
  • An Implementation Plan – Developed to show you how to get the money you need to close deals at top dollar
  • ​Self-test Prompts & Exercises – Each giving you objective insight into your competitive advantage and accelerating your success
  • Template Library worth $32,000 – Save up to $10,000 on legal fees on your first deal
  • A Partner Test & Positioning Guide – Built to give your confidence a boost as you prepare to approach investors, sellers, partners and brokers 
  • Access to Porter's Forces Quiz 
  • ​And much more! Sign up now and get started towards your own journey of business acquisition success.
"Using the materials and framework from Deal Camp helped me talk to brokers, banks, sellers and find business partners to work with. Deal Camp gets you from thinking about deals to actually going out and implementing what you’ve learned by closing those deals. Within 4 months of going through Deal Camp, I’m already on my way to a multi-million dollar acquisition with millions of revenue to benefit over the next coming years. That’s a big ROI for me and now, my confidence level is through the roof!."

- Patrick Thornton
"My husband and I already owned several storage facilities, but wanted to find a way to expand beyond what we could finance on our own. With Deal Camp, I learned how to seal the deals we wanted, get the necessary paperwork and avoid bad deals in the long term. I’m quite grateful for the thought-provoking materials and community of like-minded people who were super helpful on my journey. 
Matt was also helpful in helping me understand what numbers are important to investors and how to get them. Now, all I have to do is go after the deals I want and make them happen."

- Alese Stroud
Act now to start building 7 & 8-figure wealth that lasts generations. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.
Join hundreds of others who are going after the kind of deals they want –even if you don’t have all the money for it yet. Your success story is waiting on the other side!
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